Friday, 16 November 2018

Country Study.

At the start of this term we have been doing Country Study. Miss Hines and Miss Power selected a country for each student. My country was Malaysia. We had a criteria were we had to answer all of the questions we got given. We also had to make sure that we had a Bibliography were we put the links into a document with the websites we found our information on. I chose to present my Country Study like a Travel Agent Booklet. I made a Google Drawings for every question and put it in a clear file folder. Here are a few google drawings with some information to do with Malaysia. 

Friday, 2 November 2018

Halloween Story.

This week was Halloween. For our writing this week we had to write a scary story, here's mine. 

Is someone following me? Heart thudding as it feels like it is knocking on my head. Anticipation wrapping me up in a blanket of horror. Distant footsteps slowly crawling among the walls. Stubborn rusty pipes rattling as they howl revenge.

An Abandoned bunker deserted among ancient tree’s. Musty photographs elegantly hanging as shattered glass tangles them in a web of secrets. A dusty forbidden jersey tucked in a corner, picking it up pungent smells tingle my nose like thousands of pins giggling as I wrap it around me for warmth.

Echoing Cackles held captive in my head. A lone shadow and I. Sacred scratches staining demented walls. Horrific scenery as I can no longer blink. Sudden tingles ripple along my spine. Colourless puddles screaming for help, as I notice a reflection staring back at me with soulless eyes. Staring deeply, my reflection smudged, legs shaking as strong as an earthquake.

Trapped, unable to move! Desperation for freedom, consuming my thoughts. Shadows lurking among the light, giggling with a destructive plan to destroy me as I wander these endless corridors. Salty tears bleeding down my face like a horrific Tsunami. Boisterous bangs are moving swiftly along the corridor, thundering with excitement as I see satisfaction expanding across their monstrous faces. Suspense floating in my stomach, it sickens me to see the delight in their eyes as they come for me.

Icy fingers grip onto me in the darkness, I am gone.

Week 3 Maths.

This week for maths we have been learning about triangles such as their degree and what type of triangles there are. A few tasks we had to do was to find the missing angle in the equation and also name what triangle we were looking at. An Equilateral triangle is a triangle with all even sides. The full degree of a triangle is 180 degrees which means each side would equal 60 degree's. An Isosceles triangle is where two angles are the same which are mostly the two sides. For example if the two sides were both 80 degree's that would leave 20 degree's which would be the base. Then there is the scalene triangle which means every side is different. We were also identifying what angle the triangle had in it. There is an acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle and a reflex. Here are some pictures.