Thursday, 9 August 2018

Wk3 Term3 Reflection.

This week for writing we had to write an argument. We got to choose either should animals be in the circus or should animals be in the zoo. I chose to do should animals be in the circus. I dont think they should. Here is my argument.

How would you feel being taken away from your home being trapped in a cage? Being forced to perform in front of thousands of people even if you don’t want too. I know that I definitely wouldn’t. I strongly believe that animals should have the right to stay in their natural habitat instead of staying in a circus being abused and feeling useless.

Do you think its fair being trapped in a cage your whole life? Well behind the scenes of Magical Circuses the animals are not living a healthy life. They have been taken away from their home being forced to do humiliating tricks in front of thousands of people. Instead of living in a luxury jungle full of trees and leafs they are trapped in cages only eating small portions of food and living in tight spaces. When the animals are not performing or training they are chained up or in small cages with barely enough space to take a step in any direction. The only time they get to move around is when they are training and performing. After the performance is done it is back in the cages and time to start the cycle all over again.

How would you feel if you were being abused every day? In the circus animals are being abused by their trainers with whips, tight collars, muzzle electric pod and bullhooks. Making mistakes is ok but circus trainers don’t think so. Elephants are frequently beaten with Bullhooks, Bullhooks are batons with a sharp metal hook on the end sometimes they are beaten with them until they bleed so that they can do dangerous and uncomfortable tricks such as standing on there heads on a pedestal. They travel in carriages for up to weeks for the humans to get to where they want to go.  

Humans do not stand on their heads jump through hoops or balance on things so why should animals do it! They do it because they don’t know what is to come if they don't do what they are made too. They are being physically attacked and feeling put down as if they are doing wrong. Elephants stand on their feet for a long period of time and start to get Arthritis. By them becoming injured and sore makes them have to work harder as they will get punished. The animals also start to get obese. In the wild elephants walk about 30 miles everyday but in the circus they can be chained up for 23 hours at the most leaving them with no exercise that can make them start to get obese. The elephant’s health with obesity is the very similar to a human being obese.

Now do you see?Animals are being treated in a way they don’t deserve. They are getting physically abused by their trainers, been taking away from their homes and feeling useless as if they are the ones doing something wrong.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Week 3 Maths.

This week for maths we have been working on 3D Shapes. We had to complete a work book that showed us nets and what vertices, edges and faces a paticular shape has. As well as doing that we had to create our own Google slide showing what we thought 3D Shapes were. Here is my workbook I completed and my own that I created.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Weekly Reflection Week 2 Term 3.

This week for maths we have been working as a class on Probabiltiy. We have been doing lots of different  activities to do with Probability. One of the things we had to do was do an investigation and present it on a graph. I chose to present my question on a pictograph. My question that I asked my class mates was... What is your Favourite Sport? Next week I am thinking on doing a wider investigation on how many M&M's are in a packet and the amount of colours. Here is my Pictograph.

We also have been working on Geometery. We had to complete a work book and also make our own to show that we understand Geometry. We worked on Trapezoid,Parallegrams and  Rhombus. We also had to work on understanding the amount of vertices a shape has.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Using Basic Python Syntax.

This week for digital technology's we were learning how to use Python Syntax. For this activity we went onto a website called Trinket.We had to learn how to change the color of our shapes which we could do on Trinket colour template. We had to change the size . To do that you had to put in the number depending on what size you would like and same goes for changing your direction.We found out that when you are typing either your size direction or colour you have to add parentheses. If you didn't that means that your sentence wouldn't stop. We went thorough a journey of making turtles and circle. Here is my face that I created.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Self Respect.

Last week at Whanau time Mrs O Sullivan was talking about self respect.Our class took back this information and decided to do a video on the things that we think show self respect.We think that showing pride in our achivements is a big thing to do with self respect. If you get a certificate at assembly you recieve it with a great big smile and shoulders back. Also coming to school in a tidy uniform with your hair tyed back and respecting your own and others equipment. Sticking up for yourself if people are being mean and good people talk. Here is the video that we made. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Writing an exposition/argument.

We are straight back into a busy term and we have already been up to lots. For writng we have been starting to learn about writing an argument. So far we have looked at the layout of argument writing. You have to have an introduction,three main points of view and a conclusion. We have also been looking at words that show cause and effect. I have made a google drawing with some examples.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Matariki Facts.

We had to make a Goggle Drawing do to with Matariki Facts. Here is mine . Hopefully you fnd out something you didn't know.