Friday, 25 August 2017

Week 5 Work

This week for Maths we had to complete our Work Book. It was on finding the Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Squares. It also had the circumfrence of a circle and finding the volume. I never was good with finding the volume but now I am good at it. All it is is times height width and length. Here is the Workbook.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Wk 3 Term 3 Work.

This week we were working on Probabilty for maths. Here is my workbook.

Also for literacy we looked at Kwi Kids News. This is a slide I made on the articles I read.

Friday, 28 July 2017

WK 1 Term 3 Work.

This week for the start of the term we had alot of work to do. For maths we had to complete a slide show on probibilaty. We learnt how to do tree diagrams and much more. I found some tasks easy and some tasks challenging. Here is the slideshow .

We also had to complete nine literacy tasks. One of the tasks was to make an Oragami love heart. Here it is. 

Friday, 30 June 2017

W9 Work.

For the past 2 weeks we have had to write a report on either the Eyes, Heart or Pancreas. Ella and I decided to do the Pancreas . We had to do alot of research and I found out so much information. Here is the finished product hope you like it.

The Pancreas
Ella and Mya

The Pancreas Is a large gland behind the stomach and next to the small intestine. Your pancreas does 2 main jobs such as breaks down food that has left the stomach and also releases insulin into your bloodstream and help regulate blood sugar levels. Do you know that you could live without your pancreas but you will need to be on a lot of pills.

Image result for pancreas
The Pancreas regulates your blood sugar levels. If your Pancreas doesn’t function normally you could become a diabetic. Diabetes is a disease that is caused because your Pancreas is unable to regulate the insulin that your body produces. Insulin regulates many metabolic process cells with needed energy and is important for your overall health. Type 1 Diabetes is most known to need Insulin. Insulin helps keep your blood sugar levels down. If you don’t take Insulin or eat too much food and do not do enough exercise and you have type 1 diabetes and your sugar levels are over 240 they are too high. When your sugar levels are too high the process of you feeling very ill comes along slowly and eventually you will pass out. As soon as you feel ill you need to ring the ambulance or inject yourself with insulin.

Pancreatic Cancer.

If you smoke cigarettes it doubles the risk of getting Pancreatic Cancer. If you get diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer the treatment includes surgically removing the pancreas , radiation and chemotherapy but otherwise than that there is no other treatment and if it doesn’t work you will eventually die. There is no symptons in the early stages but when it gets to the later stages the symptoms are loss of appetite and loss of weight. Eventually you will not be able to feed yourself and people will have to feed you. To know if you have Pancreatic Cancer it moves to the liver and enlarges it and makes lots of pain and loss of appetite. Pancreatic Cancer is very dramatic and a sad time for the person that has it and people that know them.

The Pancreas is an important part of the body that regulates blood sugar levels . Some people can live without the Pancreas but it is an organ that can help keep your body healthy.

Friday, 23 June 2017

W8 Work.

This week we have been completing our Geometry work on a pressenatation for the week. We have started to do present it oin a diffrent form. I found out lots of other diffrent 3D shapes and how many faces, edges and vertices some shapes had. I enjoyed finding all of the shapes and learning lots of things. Here is the Work Book for you to look at.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Week 7 Work.

This Week I have been very busy. On Monday and Tuesday I was one of the people that got to do an Art Workshop. Abby Gully was the teacher that tought us how to do the art. We did a lot of drawing and my most favourite thing to draw was the Feathers. For the first day we Abby set out on the tables a big cloth with lots of Vases with Flowers ,Cups, Teapots and many more. We got lots of pieces of paper and had 3-5 minutes to draw what we were looking at . Then once we had choosen what sketch we wanted to do then we practiced it and made it the best we can. Then we enlarged it the next day and started to paint. We had to do a Warm coloured picture and a Light coloured picture. My favourite was the Warm coloured painting. My Painting was of a vine of leafs with two glasses with feathers in them. It was a lot of fun and I now know how to draw several diffrent things. 

For Maths this week we had to do our Weekly Revision and 4 tasks of our own choice. I did Volume, Place Value to Millions , Chance Experiments and Area of Squares and Rectangles. 

I also did Journal work . I had read 4 Storys and then do activites and comprehinsion on it. My favourite one was probably about the LLama's because I found out lots of information out that I didn't know before. I also liked they book that was about taking photos. I really like taking photos and I found out lots of information and I am gong to take it all in we I take another photo. 

I had a really good week and did lots of work andf I hope you did to.

Hanmer Camp 2017.

Last week Totara 2 and Totara 3 went on School Camp to Hanmer Springs. We left on Wednesday and came back on Friday. It was very cold and in the Morning the Grass was frost. We did a lot of activities such as Mountain Biking, Tree Climbing, Mission Impossible, Hot Pools and Oreinteering. My Top 2 favourite would be Oreinteering and Tree Climbing. Oreinteering was the first Activity my group had donw for the day. There was a total points of 600. We did the Oreinteering in a big beautiful forest that ahd lots of tall trees.We had to work on a Group of 4 but Ella,Holly and I worked as a three and we got a total of 510 points. We had around two hours to find the markers and had a map so we knew what dierection to go in. Ella nearly got us lost but we realised in the end we were going the wrong dierection. Then on the second day we went Tree Climbing . There were two tree's that you could climb. I was about 5 steps away from getting to the top. The wooden blocks that were on the tree were really far apart so I didn't go the rest of the way up. It was really fun but a bit nervracking. I also loved going to the Hot Pools.I went on the Super Bowl lots of times and I even went backwards a few times. The Hot Pools were really warm nice and warm but you could smell the Salfa. Here are some photos of T2 and T3 on Camp.