Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My Graph.

For the past two weeks this term we have focussing on statistics. We had to ask a question and ask everybody in our class. Then we put the information and turned it into a graph. The question I aksed was , Where is your favourite place to go on Holiday. As you can see New York and Australia tyed with seven points and Fiji was the least favourite with three points. Here is my Graph.

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  1. Hi Mya!

    My name is Ellee and I will be blogging with you this summer for the Summer Learning journey!

    I hope you have had an awesome Christmas and New Years!
    Have you been up to anything special?
    This is a really interesting graph, I think that if I could pick one of the places it might be Spain! I haven't been there yet and I'd really like to go. Where would you go?
    Hopefully I'll get to see some other exciting posts from you over the Summer!

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    Hopefully I'll see you blogging over the summer soon!

    Ellee :)


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